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Pleasures Weather Station

17.48N 62.97W Elev 575ft (175m)
moon day 9 Moon Phase
Day 8.6
13 hr 5 min
Sunrise 5:45am
Sunset 6:50pm
Moonrise 1:40pm
Moonset 12:31am

Statia Forecast

Valid: 14-Jul-2024 5:19am

Few to scattered low clouds today and tonight with scattered to broken high clouds. Moderate to fresh NE to E breeze at 11-16kn. High temperature at the weather stations 30-33C and warmer at sea level. Chance of showers and chance of an early morning thunderstorm.

Statia Automated Forecast (NOAA)

Offshore winds on Mon,15-Jul-2024 is ENE-ESE 10kt-13kt. Gusts to 14kt.

Average accumulation of rain on Mon,15-Jul-2024 is 3.0mm.

Wave height on Mon,15-Jul-2024 is 0.8m-1.0m. Wave direction ENE. Swell direction ENE.


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