Why Donate?

Your donations help us to cover the cost of food and medicine for the shelter animals.

Your donations help us pay to transport shelter animals to people off the island that want to adopt them.

Your donations pay for building maintenance and the cost of free spay/neuter clinics so we can cut down on the number of abandoned puppies and kittens.

How To Donate

We take local bank transfers, checks, cash, international wire transfers, and international PayPal donations. Cash and check donations can be made at our building in Concordia. For more details, please contact us at:

Make checks payable to:
“St. Eustatius Animal Welfare Foundation”

Donate Using PayPal


PayPal donations are made via one of the SEAWF Board members using PayPal (UK). There are no added fees. Donations in other than US Dollars are subject to currency exchange rates.

If you let us know via email that you made a PayPal donation, we'll verify the transfer. You can also tell us if you want your donation to go for something in particular.