Pleasures Weather Station Automated Updates

Current Observations

Valid: 04-Dec-2022 12:11am

Temperature 21.9C(71.4F)
Today's High 21.9C(71.4F)
Today's Low 21.8C(71.2F)
Heat Index -
Wet Bulb 20.6C(69.1F)
Dew Point 20.1C(68.2F)
Humidity 90
Cloud Base 388m
Barometer 1011.9hPa
Barometer Rate -0.6hPa/hr
Speed Calm
Force Calm
Direction -
Gust 0kt
Today's Rain -
24-hr Rain 1.2mm
Last Hr Rain -
UV Index
Now0.0 (Low Risk)
Today High 0.0
Dec3 High 5.4 @ 11:23
Today 0.0kWh
Dec3 5.4kWh
Dec Daily Avg 4.6kWh
Latest 11kPart/ft³ @ 23:49

Weather Station Charts

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SL Barometer Relative Humidity Air Quality 48-hr Chart

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SL Barometer Monthly Rain High/Low Temp, Solar


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