Statia Weather Station Automated Updates


Valid: 21-Feb-2024 6:00pm

Statia is at the green asterisk in the map.

#local timelatitudelongitudemagnitudedepthplace
120-Feb 1:23am18°36′56″N63°40′36″W3.630km77 km NW of Sandy Ground Village, Anguilla
213-Feb 6:57pm19°34′44″N64°26′22″W3.440km143 km NNE of Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands
313-Feb 12:19am19°14′12″N64°39′9″W3.845km101 km N of Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands
412-Feb 12:26am19°23′6″N64°59′50″W3.549km115 km N of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
59-Feb 1:34pm18°51′12″N64°26′46″W3.323km68 km NNE of Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands

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This weather information is derived from usually reliable government and private sources but it is not an official government product. Monitor your local radio station for storm watches and warnings issued by local authorities. We do our best to provide accurate information as a free public service, but we assume no liability for errors.