Statia Weather Station Automated Updates

Statia Rain History 1981 to Today

We have two Davis weather stations collecting data on Statia. One in Pleasures on the west side of the island and one at Golden Rock Resort on the east side of the island. Both stations use a tipping-bucket rain instrument.

Rainfall history from 1981-2005 was collected in Upper Round Hill and was recorded manually monthly. Rainfall history from 2006 to Jan 2013 was recorded daily in Pleasures. Since 11-Jan-2013, rain data is automatically recorded from the Pleasures weather station. Rainfall history from Golden Rock Resort is being recorded automatically beginning mid-April 2023.


This weather information is derived from usually reliable government and private sources but it is not an official government product. Monitor your local radio station for storm watches and warnings issued by local authorities. We do our best to provide accurate information as a free public service, but we assume no liability for errors.