St. Eustatius Animal Welfare Foundation

Available for Adoption

Male Kitten

male kitten

Oct- Almost 3 months old. Ginger color male kitten. Ready for adoption.

Female Kitten

Female kitten

Oct- Almost 3 months old. Tortoise shell color female kitten. Ready for adoption.

Young male dog

young male dog

Jul - male dog 11 months old.

Female puppy

female puppy

Feb - female beige puppy about 5 months old. Shy but friendly.

8 puppies

8 puppies

May - cute puppies available. 10 weeks old, males and females, black and brown.



Aug - cute male and female puppies available. 12 weeks old.

Two puppies

two puppies

Feb - two almost identical puppies, one male, one female. About 4-5 months old. Sweet and cat friendly.

Young puppy

young puppy

May - young puppy available.