St. Eustatius Animal Welfare Foundation

Available for Adoption

Three beautiful ginger cats - 18 months

Frieda=-female ginger cat

Jun -Frieda is an affectionate cat that loves to play and be petted. She is very placid and gets along well with dogs. She sits on the fence by the shelter dog run and will suddenly jump down to chase and play with the puppies.

Paws-male ginger cat

Paws is a handsome male who can be a little shy at first but is very affectionate and has a gentle nature. He loves to play.

Tigress-female ginger cat

Tigress has beautiful markings and sleek silky fur. She is also a little shy at first but loves to roll in the grass and play.

For someone interested in 2 cats, Tigress and Paws get along really well and would love to stay together. If Tigress has been out wandering, Paws will rush to greet her with a friendly lick when she returns. These two cats make a lovely pair and would keep each other company when there is no one else around.